Additional Raft Trip Info:

The 2005 Wet Rock Raft Trip is to be our 20th Annual Adventure!
Saturday, August 20th, 2005

The 2004 Raft Flier included these details (which may change without notice):

  • Our approach on these trips is to maximize our fun and get a full day for our money by stopping often for short periods in midstream or on sunny gravel bars to party and prolong enjoyment of the spectacular views, river, etc.. Staying together to party is part of the fun. We will be slow and need to keep the rafts we rent together as a group. If you need to be more unrestricted, please obtain a raft elsewhere and hang with us as much as you want. We will accommodate rafts we rent that need to break off from the main group, however, the group will need to be informed of the break away plan before it occurs (except in emergencies). Cool weather or other factors may cause us to move along more quickly.

  • After the pre-reserved raft spaces are taken, additional rafts will likely need to be acquired by latecomers through sources other than Kelly (Kelly will try to help you find a rental source). We welcome all friends to join our party who can provide their own safe floatation devices. If you have extra spaces on your floatation device, we can help you fill 'em.

  • No one is responsible for your safety except you. Failure to respect the power of the river can be deadly. Being on a raft with people who are careless, numb minded, or ThrillSeeking is dangerous. Most of our rafts include such people. Update your will and don't say we did not warn you. Please let Kelly know in advance if you wish to be on a "ThrillSeeking" raft. Basically, ThrillSeekers work harder to maximize the rapids and bumps. Every raft has a great time. Please don't sign up for ThrillSeeking unless you really want to work at it. Remember, some ThrillSeekers intentionally fail to respect the river's power.

  • We will leave Kelly's house at 8:30 a.m. We will visit and then leave the takeout at 9:15 a.m. [the main "takeout" will be Thompson's/Helfrich Landing below Martin's Rapids/Ben & Kay Dorris Park unless the Weather Channel at 7 p.m. Friday night forecasts a high temp for Eugene/Saturday, over 81 degrees on the map view (non-text) of the local forecast. Our main "high temperature takeout" will be at Ike's Pizza (further downstream)(if available).] We should park as many cars as possible as far downstream as convenient to avoid unnecessary shuttling of drivers to their cars after the trip. Cars can be left many places along the river if you wish to get off your raft early. You can join the group late if there is room on a raft - we can save room for you if you let us know you will be meeting us on the river. We should all arrive at the Forest Glen launch site near Blue River about 9:40 a.m. Plan to have your car shuttled and raft loaded by 10:45 a.m. Protect the bottom of your raft from the sharp rocks at the put-in & takeout. Do not step in or load the raft w/ heavy items unless it is floating. Each raft's passengers are responsible for any damage to their raft. We will push off together as a group at about 10:45 a.m. Anyone launching from the put-in without Kelly's agreement forfeits their free pizza.

  • Who rides in which raft is a free-for-all. Plan to group up with friends in advance if you want to be together on the same raft. Rafts generally hold up to 8 people. Rafters must be a minimum of 60 lbs. Rafters under 12 must WEAR their life jacket or the boat's captain gets the $300.00+ ticket. Bring a whistle as each raft must have one. If the weather is not hot, the end of the trip can be quite cool. Just in case, bring some warm clothes. Cotton is not likely to be warm if it gets wet. There should be a "dry" bag on each raft for a small amount of clothes. Wear water shoes or tennis shoes suitable for walking in the river. See suggested items on the front of this flier, also.

  • We may arrive at the takeout around 7:00 p.m. Some people can head out immediately to shuttle drivers to cars upriver. With everyone's help, our rental return should be quick and easy. Please help unload and rinse your raft at the end of the trip. We meet as a group at Ike's 'slow service' Pizza in Leaburg after our rental equipment is checked in. Be sure to get your one piece of free pizza from Kelly's pies. Some people can recieve a free trip or shirt by volunteering to help with the event.

  • Important: The people in each raft are responsible for any loss or damage beyond "normal wear & tear" to their raft or rental equipment. Take care not to puncture or tear your raft. Keep your feet up while on shore and while passing over rocks, etc. Also please avoid mixing equipment from different rafts before reaching the appropriate rental company. Help keep your raft from being a litter source by containing your trash and properly disposing of it at the end of the raft trip.

  • Remember: No horseplay, roughhousing or water splashing (unless you want to have fun) :-). Prepare to defend our floatilla. Bring high-volume water-weaponry!

  • If you want to be on next years mailing list, be sure that we have your updated address and phone number.

  • For a raft flier hard copy send a SASE (or an address label and a stamp) to:
    Captain ThrillSeeker
    2877 North 19th Street
    Springfield, OR 97477

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